Forward Theatre Project presents


  • By Frazer Flintham
  • Tues 15 - Sat 19 Nov 2016, 7pm (Sat matinee 4pm)
  • £16 (£14)

Rachel is a leading geneticist. A forecaster, a planner, a rationalist.

Rachel identifies gene mutations that increase the risk of developing breast cancer, allowing action to be taken against the disease before it’s even had a chance to develop. A mastectomy? A course of drugs? Whatever the choice, it’s all about prevention.

But on discovering that she and her daughter might be carrying a gene mutation themselves, Rachel starts to wonder if predicting illness through science throws up more questions than it can answer.

If science offered you the chance to look into the future of your own health, or your family’s, would you always want to know?

Developed in collaboration with Manchester-based charity Prevent Breast Cancer, this daring new play by acclaimed playwright Frazer Flintham explores their pioneering research, and the complex human dilemmas around preventative medicine.

GENESIS is supported by funding from Arts Council England, the Teale Charitable Trust, the Richard Carne Trust, Talbot Validus, the Granada Foundation, the Unity Theatre Trust, Morag Siller, and our crowdfund backers. Forward Theatre Project are supported by a core grant from the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.

Running Time: 80 mins

Post show Talk, 16th November 2016:
A conversation with the creative team behind GENESIS, about the process of realising the play.

Tickets are free, but must be reserved. Book Here

Post Show Talk, 17th November 2016:
A conversation with Professor Tony Howell, Scientific Director of Prevent Breast Cancer and a Professor of Medical Oncology at The University of Manchester, about different preventative options.

Tickets are free, but must be reserved. Book Here