Crick Crack Club: The Hero Light

Crick Crack Club: The Hero Light

  • By Dominic Kelly
  • Mon 8 Dec, 8pm
  • £9 (£7)

‘Compelling, funny and heartbreaking.’

Performance Storytelling by Dominic Kelly

A domineering and duplicitous queen…
A hero with a destiny…
And a fallen king caught between them both…

Brimming with exuberant humour and vitality, the story of Briccriu’s Feast romps wildly through the battle strewn landscape of Irish epic. But beyond the light of the feast, with its surreal chaos and ale-soaked wit, awaits the gritty widescreen action of Irish mythology’s great epic – the Cattle Raid of Cooley.

Balancing comedy, tragedy, and raw beauty, Dominic Kelly brings all of this and more to full bloodied life through sharp storytelling, vivid imagery and humour.

Welcome to the baptism of a freshly created thing! A performance of a brand new work in progress, on its very first public outing….

Ages 14+

Over the last few years Dominic Kelly has rocked the Soho Theatre with Crow, Trickster, Pandvani108 and The Devil’s Purse. He is a performance storyteller whose dynamic style, dry wit and superb composition has captivated audiences across the UK and around the world. He has performed in many prominent venues and festivals including The Barbican and the National Theatre in London, The Times Literature Festival, and on tour internationally from India to the Arctic Circle.