Clowning With Doctor Brown-ing 4 Day Workshop

Clowning With Doctor Brown-ing 4 Day Workshop

  • Tue 21 - Fri 24 Nov 2017, 11am
  • Soho Downstairs
  • £300 (for full week)



As actors and human beings we are always trying to be good. Trying to do and get things right. And when we feel bad for either being bad or doing bad, we want to escape that bad feeling. The clown is different from most of us, in that he/she is happy to be bad. He/she is happy not to get things right.

Ordinarily, when we (as actors) feel bad, we try to escape this bad feeling immediately, by covering it up with an action, or acting, or pretending not to ‘feel’ bad. This workshop will push us into this place of ‘badness’ (a place we will nominate ‘the shit’) and encourage us to stay in it and not escape it – as our natural tendency will try and make us do. Instead, we will search for a pleasure and a joy in ‘the shit’. Because in ‘the shit’ is where we find a real vulnerability, humility, and humour – our clown. We will also learn that being in the shit is not something we can act or pretend, but something we really have to experience.

Once we find a pleasure, joy and comfort here, we discover ‘the shit’ can be a place of freedom. Then can we begin to play and be ridiculous and take the audience on whatever journey we like, using a sensitivity towards them that we will have cultivated in the first part of the workshop.

Doctor Brown is the stage persona of Philip Burgers, a Los Angeles-based performer/clown/idiot. He trained for two years with French Clown Master, Philippe Gaulier.

Bring comfortable clothing to move around and sweat in!

Running time for each session: Approx 6hrs

Clowning With Doctor Brown-ing 4 Day Workshop Performances

Tue 21 Nov 11:00am