Apples and Snakes: The Word's a Stage

Apples and Snakes: The Word's a Stage

  • Tuesday 13 March, 8pm
  • £8 (£6)

Some poems are over too quickly – bam, bam, bam, and they’re gone. But in The Word’s a Stage, we’ve invited four poets to produce four new mini-epics: twenty whole minutes each. We’ve put them through their paces at a series of workshops with superduper Radio 4 poet Aoife Mannix , and now they’re fully primed and ready to go.

See how they wield their new-found narrative skills! Gasp as they grapple with the wild beasts of mood and pacing! Raise an eyebrow as they straddle the gap between live poetry and spoken-word theatre! (No pressure, then, poets.) But most of all – just buy a ticket!

Featuring Joshua Idehen, Belinda Zhawi, Alain English and Clair Whitefield.

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