Soho Theatre Member FAQs

How To Book Your Tickets

Our booking system recognises you are a Soho Theatre Member by verifying your email address as the promotional code. When booking tickets you can either log into the system and then start choosing your tickets or choose full price versions of tickets and then login in when promoted; tickets will subsequently show their discounts.

Having Trouble? Try our Troubleshooting Guide here:

The ticket system doesn’t seem to be discounting my tickets.

Check you’ve done all of the following:

  • Have you logged in? The system only starts to discount once it can verify you as a member – you can login through the booking process and discounts will apply.
  • You’re logging in using the email address where you receive the Members’ Newsletters – that’s the email address the system has registered as your Membership verifier.
  • Check you’ve put the correct performance date or ticket type in your basket – some of our offers are only available for certain performances or on certain priced tickets (usually full price). If you haven’t selected the ticket type or performance date stipulated in our Members’ News, the system won’t apply any discounts.

Still having problems getting your discounts? Email us on or call 020 7478 0100

I can’t login into the system / it doesn’t recognise me.

You can choose to have your password reset and sent to the same email address. If you’re still having trouble, you can call us on 020 7478 0100 and we can help you through the transaction. Please note our team can’t manually reset your password from here; the system requires you to do that by following the link in the automated email.

If I join online or by phone will you send me my Soho Theatre Membership Pack?
No, unfortunately we can’t fulfil posting of Membership packs. If you want to gift a Membership to someone else we can give you a receipt or confirmation that you can use as proof of purchase – give us a call on 020 7478 0100 and we’ll see what we can do.

If I buy a Membership, can I change my mind and get a refund?
Yes, if you buy your Membership online or by telephone, you have a 14 day cooling off period. But it’s important to know that if you use any of the Benefits that you get from being a Member – such as ticket or drinks offers – these will be deducted from your refunded monies – see Terms & Conditions regarding cancellations here.

I want to buy a Gift Membership but I don’t want the person to know until I’ve given them the present. Can you delay the email informing of the gift?
We can’t currently prevent the system from sending the automatic email to the email address you specify, as it’s your confirmation of purchase. If you want to buy a Gift Membership but keep it secret for a little while, it’s much better to give us a call and we can override that manually. That way, you’re certain that the person you want to receive monthly offers doesn’t get one ahead of you surprising them with a gift.

Can I pay in installments with Direct Debit?
No. Soho Theatre Members payments are one-off payments using cash or debit/credit card. We only offer Direct Debit for some Soho Theatre Friend levels.

Will I get £10 off and Member ticket offers all in my first transaction, when I buy a Membership?
No. Soho Theatre doesn’t double discount, and the system won’t recognise you as a Member until the transaction is completed. From then on you can start taking advantage of the ticket offers.

I just want to buy a Membership but no tickets currently. What will happen to my First Transaction £10 discount.
We’ll hold it on the system for you as a credit to use against your first purchase.

I want to join with someone else – is there a discount for two or a joint Membership?
Not currently, but we may look at that in the future if this scheme is a success.

Can I have a Membership but not give you my email address?
Unfortunately not. If you don’t give us your email address then the system can’t recognise you as a Member. Plus we won’t be able to tell you about the offers and the ticketing system and box office staff won’t be able to process the offers (because the system can’t verify your membership).

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