Soho Theatre Meets... Veronica Lewis #ExpensiveShit

Wed 15 March

We caught up with Veronica from Expensive Shit ahead of the show opening here in April

Hi! Nice to meet you, what’s your name?
Hello, I am Veronica Beatrice Lewis.

Where are you from?
I am from South East London, Greenwich Borough.

What is the show about?
The black female experience of how a toilet attendant deals with the consequences of putting her difficult past in her future and how it impacted the lives of fellow women around her and also how it impacts other women now.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
Yes! The four of us have a dance routine to Fela Kuti’s “Zombie” to get us into the world of Adura Onashile’s piece.

And a drink/ritual after the show?

We’re always looking for tips, what’s your favourite place around Soho?
There’s this place called “Chocolate ecstasy tours” on Regent Street. I actually have a skin allergy to chocolate. It’s bittersweet. So if I could go anywhere, it would be there! It looks epic!

And while you’re here, any shows you would kill to see?
I still haven’t seen Motown. I’m a singer and sucker for old school soul music. Especially in a musical.

Where are you going after here?
I am going to start an interesting session of classes in what is basically African Karate! I am going to channel my inner ninja! :)

Catch Expensive Shit here from Wed 4 to Sat 22 April

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