Soho Theatre meets... TJ #TJAndDave

Fri 7 April

We had a chat with TJ ahead of his run here with Dave

Hi! What’s your name?
My name is TJ Jagodowski

Where are you from?
I am from Chicago, Illinois but was raised in Holyoke, Massachusetts

What brings you here?
What brings me here is improvising with my friend, David

Sorry, I didn’t get you anything to drink. What would you like?
I would like a strong black coffee, please.

Any crisps or nuts for you?
Crisps, please. I am allergic to most nuts, though i can work my way through some cashews.

What’s so special about your show?
What’s special about our show is that we’ve done about a thousand of them and no two are the same. Or even alike. And 900 of them were terrible.

How did the idea of your show come about?
The idea of the show is not that special. There are tons and tons of people improvising as duos. We are two of them.

Do you come here often?
I almost never come here. i’ve been in London for two nights before and i’m not sure if i’ll ever be here again. Absolutely, nothing against London. I just hate flying.

Where are you going after here?
After this is home. I love home.

Catch TJ in TJ & Dave here from April 10

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