Soho Theatre meets... Larry Dean

Thu 23 February

We had a chat with Larry Dean ahead of his run here.

Hi! Nice to meet you, what’s your name?
Larry Dean

Where are you from?
Glasgee, Scotland

What brings you here?
I’m playing one of the characters in my Edinburgh Solo show Farcissist at the lovely Soho Theatre

Sorry, didn’t get you a drink, what would you like?
Tennants lager, Irn Bru or just a pint of oil from a deep fat fryer

Some crisps or nuts?
Ew, no thanks…never understood why people eat snacks while having alcohol. Slows down getting drunk and makes your breath minging.

So, what’s so special about your show?
It’s about breaking up with my boyfriend last year and not being able to take this, or any other emotional situation seriously. Not the best for life, good for a comedy show though I guess.

Who’s your biggest comedy influence?
Billy Connolly and Richard Pryor. I love sillyness.

Do you come here often?
I did a run of my 2015 solo show here which was great fun. Though on the last night an old man wouldn’t stop talking and wandered on stage, eventually he was taken outside and booed by the audience as he went. At the end of the show we all found out he had dementia, so everyone left feeling very guilty. Coincidentally my show was about being a gay catholic so there was a lot about feeling guilty as it was.

Where are you going after here?
Next tour date is in Southend. The glamour of show business.

You can catch Larry Dean in Farcissist from Thu 2 – Sat 4 Mar

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