Soho Theatre meets... Bilal Zafar

Tue 20 December 2016

We caught up with Bilal Zafar ahead of his run here from 23 – 28 Jan

Hi! Nice to meet you, what’s your name?
Hello, my name is Bilal Ali Zafar, but I never use my middle name so just Bilal Zafar. Just Bilal socially, obviously. No nicknames please.

Where are you from?
I am from Snaresbrook in East London, which no one seems to have ever heard of so I’m from ‘near’ Leytonstone in East London.

What brings you here?
I am doing my first ever solo show; CAKES. For 6 nights! With free cake!

Sorry, didn’t get you a drink, what would you like?
Orange juice please. I read an article that said it’s slowly killing me but it doesn’t feel like it is (probably propaganda).

Some crisps or nuts?
I really feel like some quavers.

So, what’s so special about your show?
My show is basically one amazing true story about a time when thousands of people believed that I was a ‘Muslim only cake
shop’ and were very angry. The show is a bit different and very funny, I think. It just got me nominated for ‘Best Newcomer’
in Edinburgh which seems to be important.

How did the idea of the show come about?
It literally happened on Twitter one afternoon when a joke got a little bit out of hand and then massively out of control. I
initially thought it would end up being a bit of material but it was so funny and there was so much unbelievable ridiculousness,
I pretty much had to make it my debut show.

Do you come here often?
Yes! I come here to see some of my favourite comedians in very nice intimate rooms. I like it.

Where are you going after here…
Home, very tired now, central line x

You can catch Bilal Zafar in Cakes from January 23

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