Soho Theatre Meets... Annie Siddons

Wed 15 February

We had a chat with Annie Siddons while she’s in the house (and outta of Suburbia)

Hi! Nice to meet you, what’s your name?
My name’s Annie Siddons. Nice to meet you too. Oh and this is Nicki Hobday and this is Jen Smethurst.

Where are you from?
I’m a Londoner. Jen is from Marlowe. Nicki is from Stockport. 

What brings you here?
We’re doing our “hilarious and brutal” show about loneliness, mine specifically –  How Not to Live in Suburbia, upstairs from 13-18 Feb. 

Sorry, didn’t get you a drink, what would you like?
It’s 10am so we’ll have 3 double macchs please thank you. They come with those delicious small biscuits don’t they. Not if you’re gluten intolerant though, or nut allergic. Then they wouldn’t be delicious. Don’t eat them if you are, please.

Still living in Suburbia?
Yes. Literally I am, although less so metaphorically.

If you could live anywhere in the world – where would it be?  
Zone one. 

Do you come here often?
Literally all the time. We like to have meetings in the booths. And we see quite a lot of shows here. 

Where are you going after here?
In which time frame? Did you mean is there Life after Death? Or like right now? Ok:
1. No
2. I need to go back to zone 5 for some extreme parenting.

You can catch Annie Siddons, Nicki Hobday and Jen Smethurst here in How (Not) to Live in Suburbia* until Sat 18 Feb

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