#AudienceSoho round-up: Day 4

Fri 9 December 2011

Today’s #AudienceSoho discussion Q: Look @lyngardner’s article here today we want to talk about good/bad audiences… what makes a good or bad audience or audience member? Are there rules for being an audience member? Should there be? #AudienceSoho

re: #audiencesoho How about if you find something laugh out loud funny, laugh. Unless it’s not supposed to be funny ;-)

Audience made me think things and feel things. A lot of them uncomfortable. Was still thinking about the show next morning.

As much as I would love that there were audience rules and no ringing, coughing or talking ppl, this would equal a disaster.

when we did Social Work in 2009, 1 audience member spent 20 minutes on her phone during the show, then vomited in her seat #bad

Don’t get me going on this; bad = eating, talking, drinking, rustling, texting, leaving promptly, moving,…#AudienceSoho

On the other hand, good = prepared to give the play a chance and being considerate of other audience members. #AudienceSoho

If I am honest, as a performer, a good audience is ‘open’ to your offer but in reality challenging audiences are good FOR YOU #AudienceSoho

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