5 minutes with Rob Cawsey #EdFringe16

Fri 29 July 2016

Simon Slack: The Fantasist is in Edinburgh as part of Soho Theatre’s 17 show Edinburgh Fringe season of the most vibrant new theatre, comedy and cabaret.

Edinburgh Fringe – marathon or sprint?
Defo sprint. I prefer it hard and fast… not that my knees could take either.

What’s your 3am walk home meal of choice?
It’s called a deep fired Mc KF-Sub with a can of super tennents.

Top of your “must watch” list for the fringe this year? (Not your own show)
Zoe Coombs Marr and Figs in Wigs are joint top.

IRN-BRU or whiskey?
Iron Bru on my corn flakes and whiskey in my coffee.

Favourite Edinburgh date for you and Puppet 5000?
Sunday afternoon stroll in the Botanical Gardens with Christeen and Puppet 5000 all in show attire… obvs!

You can catch Robert Cawsey at Underbelly, Cowgate (Delhi Belly) from 4 – 28 August at 10.40pm

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