5 minutes with Bourgeois & Maurice

Fri 5 August 2016

Bourgeois & Maurice: How To Save The World Without Really Trying is in Edinburgh as part of Soho Theatre’s 17 show Edinburgh Fringe season of the most vibrant new theatre, comedy and cabaret.

It’s been 4yrs since you were last at the fringe, what took you so long to come back?
Life got in the way! Bourgeois has been kept very busy with his work adopting adult babies from developing countries. Maurice has been stored in an airtight box in a storage container near Bow for four years. She’s awake now, and already able to speak again thanks to the miracle of poppers. We’re back because we get the feeling the world needs a bit of a slap.

Karaoke song of choice?
Easy – Wham Rap.

Who would you invite to your chemsex party?
The entire audience. We know that’s what they come to the show for really, the songs are just there to fill time before the leather harnesses come out.

We never go to a Fringe party without our (delete as appropriate) – kilt, tartan sash or “insert key Scottish accessory here”.
‘Mhairi Black is the New Messiah’ t shirts. Compulsory for all Scottish citizens apparently.

Top of your “must watch” list for the fringe this year? (Not your own show)
Figs in Wigs, Christeene, Rhiannon Faith, Lucy McCormick.

You can catch Bourgeois & Maurice at Underbelly, Cowgate (Iron Belly) from 4 – 28 August at 9.25pm

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